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Inspiring change...

Think back through your personal evolution. Everything good, bad or indifferent starts with a small change. Casey hopes to encourage clients, and the larger community, to engage in a discovery of what it is that inspires them.  

She will help you take an intense look at all areas of your life, and draw from the strength found deep in your soul. There, you will find the inspiration for change. Contemplate your relationships in all forms... whether these relationship are with yourself, with food, with loved ones or colleagues, or even material things. The opportunity for transformation is endless. Casey is passionate about creating both a healing experience and igniting feelings of joy, hope, fulfillment, and contentment.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Stretch...Breathe...Let Go

Being a Reiki Master, Casey believes in a unique approach to breath work, stretching and energy healing. She creates a comfortable environment for both your mind and body. Sessions are focused on personal comfort, keeping both joints and limbs mobile, and listening to the subtle cues your body will relay if you focus and listen. Casey has an innate ability to understand not only various levels of flexibility, but body types and shapes when working with each unique client.  


Meet Casey...

Casey is, first and foremost, the mother to two strong and inspired girls. She is also a lover of real food, the outdoors, movement, dance, music and travel. She believes that her heart-centered energy healing will support your journey to a healthier, mindful and more balanced life.


Her educational background includes a concentration in early childhood and elementary education which is complimented by years of teaching children of various ages. Working with children has always brought out Casey's playful side. She feels their innocent, joyful souls mirrored in her own. She lives an active life centered on family, health and emotional growth. 

Rebuilding From the Inside

The possibilities for incorporating Reiki energy in your life are limitless. This universal life force can be used not only to nourish our spiritual centers, but our physical bodies as well. Casey has a passion for food that we can all identify with. There are foods that, as adults, still connect us to our inner child and cause us to reminisce with a smile and a sense of comfort. Reiki can be a tool that tells our body what it's lacking. We can then provide missing elements to our daily nutrition and bring back that sense of joy and comfort, without feeling guilty or shameful.  

Kind words from clients...

As soon as Casey began working on me, I could feel the energy through a tingling sensation on my face and the top of my head. I had never experienced anything like it before...I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from similar symptoms.

Cybil Mills

I was experiencing severe anxiety in the week before my session which was not uncommon. I suffered from anxiety frequently and felt that Reiki could be helpful with this...From the moment Casey started, I instantly felt at ease, and by the end, my anxiety was completely gone. Since my Reiki session, I’ve had a significant decrease in anxiety and I owe that to Casey!

Meghan Rose

 I had my first ever Reiki session with Casey and it was transforming! During the session I could physically feel things even though there was no touch. Since my session, I’ve become more aware of myself and started a mindfulness practice. Loved it and can’t wait to go back!

Christie Hutchinson

I am so grateful to have Casey in my life! Casey is an incredibly talented healer and her intuition with what herbs and nutrients my body was lacking was spot on! Her beautiful spirit comes through in everything she does and she is a true light worker – spreading her love and joy to this world that desperately needs it. 

Kelley Chance


Connect with Casey...

Thank you for reaching out!

The journey begins now!

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