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Casey Leigh

Mom of two girls

Energy Worker

Food Lover

Believer in Whole Foods, Holistic Healing & Spontaneous Dance Parties

A bit about me...

Energy work has empowered Casey to transform moments into beautiful memories. These are the recollections which she will forever cherish on her journey in this life. 


Casey began her journey based on an interest in finding a pathway to health and overall wellbeing. She discovered the healing power of energy work, mindfulness and affirmations after an unexpected (and very painful) emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder. During recovery, she began wrapping her head around this “luxury” organ that changed her life, both mentally and physically. It didn’t take her long to realize she possessed the inner skills and powerful resources to aide in her own transformation and inner healing. 


Energy work has given Casey the ability to look at her experiences and challenges through a lens of consciousness which has enabled growth in so many areas of her life. She is committed to physical, emotional and spiritual wellness through maintenance of personal self-study and the practice of mediation, energy work, yoga and Reiki. While, at the same time, learning to feed her body and soul with foods and nutrients that allow her body to heal, stay healthy and focus her mind.

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Why my workshops are mostly focused on children... 

Casey loves the company of children, as they seem to be able to demonstrate a way of living “in the moment” and being their true selves. Casey appreciates the authenticity, energy, and mostly the joy of a child’s young heart. On any given day, her house is filled with neighborhood children laughing, enjoying the moment and creating memories. 


She strongly believes that children are fountains of spiritual wisdom, if adults would only take a moment to actually listen to them and pick up on those deep messages. She has seen a dramatic change in her own daughters with the level of energy and body work they are naturally exposed to with a mother that believes in these powerful tools.


Casey believes in the relationship between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and will work with you to bring each aspect of your life into greater harmony. She has a deep passion to share these innate gifts with all, especially the younger generation. While Casey has clients of all ages, she currently focuses her special workshops on mindfulness for children and teaching them how to have recognize their voices and have them be heard.

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